About us

Amy was born in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  Starting at age 9, her Grandma Ree taught her to sew, knit, and cross stitch.  Amy graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in fine arts / graphic design. She began quilting in the 80s.  She started her business with her Dazzling Dogs quilt pattern in 2002.  Amy’s daughter Ashley joined the business in 2003. Her son Adam worked part-time for the business while attending The University of Kansas.  Amy’s mother Dorothy is a valued color and fabric consultant who attended many Quilt Markets.  In 2004, Amy designed her Quilt Diva pattern which has remained one of the most popular.  In 2008, Amy’s first grandchild Rowan was born.  In 2013, Amy’s twin grandchildren Nate and Norah were born.  In 2017 Amy was blessed with another set of twin grandchildren Graham and Gracie.  Her grandchildren are a joy and an inspiration for many of her designs including Princess, Pirates, and Pillowcases.  Amy currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas.  After years of working in her basement, Amy has been blessed to transform a little stone house in the country into her sewing studio.  Her absolute favorite thing is to see photos of the quilts you make from her designs.  Hearing from quilters about the fun they have working on the patterns and the smiles on their faces when they see their finished quilts makes it a truly rewarding job.